Atlas Copco hydro magnet

Stockholm, Sweden-based Atlas Copco’s hydro magnets separate valuable iron and steel from concrete debris for recycling. The hydro magnets can be used with carriers that have existing unidirectional auxiliary circuits with a signal line to power and control the magnet. Features include:

  • available as fixed or mobile units where the magnet is attached by the use of a chain
  • can handle 617- to 16,535-pound loads
  • digital generator control technology designed to gives a magnetization and demagnetization process cycle that is up to 25 percent shorter than conventional magnet controllers
  • magnet plate made to handle harsh environments
  • flow divider provides flow and pressure to generator
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Brokk multi cutter

Brokk, Monroe, Washington, has released the MC200 Multi Cutter to expand smaller Brokk models’ versatility for contractors in steel cutting applications. The steel cutting attachment, manufactured by Brokk’s sister company, Darda, Blumberg, Germany, addresses a need for a lightweight, economical steel cutting tool. Features include:

  • designed for safe and efficient steel material cutting in a variety of industries, including demolition and construction
  • 10-by-13-by-40 inches
  • can be used on machines weighing 2,650 to 6,170 pounds
  • uses a hydraulic booster to exert 50 tons of cutting force at 3,900 pounds per square inch
  • 8-inch wide jaw opening
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Columbus McKinnon hoist

Columbus McKinnon Corp., Getzville, New York, has introduced the CM Tornado 360-degree, which features the Sidewinder lever handle. Features include:

  • a 360-degree rotating lever and a fold-out revolving handle
  • ergonomically designed for increased safety
  • reduces repetitive wrist action experienced with traditional hoists
  • available in both 3/4- and 11/2-ton capacities
  • standard lifts up to 20 feet
  • meets American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B30.21 manually operated hoist standard
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Fairbanks Scales portable axle load scale

Fairbanks Scales Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, released the Portable Axle Load Scale (PALS), designed to be a cost effective weighing solution when application requirements comply with accurate, noncommercial vehicle axle weights. Features include:

  • eliminates the need for a pier or slab foundation
  • constructed in a subframe, requiring only a flat, unyielding surface to install and complete the unit
  • a full-width design that accommodates most highway wheel bases
  • a capacity of 50,000 pounds
  • able to be installed on concrete or asphalt already in place
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