Photo courtesy of Harsco

Harsco rebrands recycled-content product line

Harsco Environmental, a division of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania-based Harsco Corp., is rebranding its former Applied Products line to “ecoproducts,” a trademarked name it says reflects Harsco’s “capabilities as an end-to-end solutions provider.”

The renamed line includes more than 60 products for seven industries, including iron and steel, road building and abrasives, roofing, construction and cement.

Harsco says, “Ecoproducts strives to provide a sustainable alternative to virgin material by being more cost-effective and offering higher performance than raw materials, such as mined or processed metals.”

Russ Mitchell, vice president and chief operating officer for Harsco Environmental, says, “Where most see waste, we see unimagined value. Since our inception, Harsco Environmental has been renowned for its vast service offerings and has remained at the front lines for our customers. As we evolve into an environmental solutions provider, we are committed to increasing our sustainable offerings.”

He adds, “Our rebranding to ecoproducts better represents what this product line offers to all stakeholders, the industry and our customers.”

Harsco Environmental says it also has adjusted aspects of its internal structure and launched, focused on its renamed line.