Kobelco introduces three new high-reach demolition machines

Kobelco has been building specialty high-reach and demolition machines ranging from three tons to 350 tons for many years, and after selling its first demo machine (SK1000 into Canada in 2014), it is now excited to bring more machines to the North American market. Each machine comes with Kobelco’s exclusive NEXT Joint system, allowing for easy change between the high-reach front or the three-piece demo front, tilting cab, dust suppression or other standard features. One of the most unique features is the three-piece Separate Boom attachment. This front has a longer vertical and horizontal reach than a standard machine, but due to the additional weight and specialized design, it is capable of using the same buckets and tools at greater reach and with increased dexterity.

The SK350D shown at the NDA show was the first of three machines Kobelco is introducing this year. The 68-foot-high-reach front allows the machine to safely and easily demo low-rise to mid-level buildings and structures, while the 42-foot Separate Boom works extremely well up to 40-feet and below grade. Because of its compact size and weight (under 100,000 lbs. with either front installed), it is easily transported to the job site and is a great entry-level machine for smaller contractors looking to enter the high-reach market. It, along with the SK400D and SK550D coming later this year, will be sold through Kobelco’s existing dealer network and will come with the same three-year/3,000-hour full factory warranty as their standard machines.

Spec breakdown

  • Factory built high-reach and demolition machines up to 95 feet
  • Uniquely designed three-piece Separate Boom for better reach and use with larger tools
  • Three sizes currently available: SK350D, SK400D, SK550D (with larger and smaller units to follow)
  • Full dealer support across North America and three-year/3000-hour full machine warranty