Dick Reeves General Kinematics Director - Resource Recovery

1. Why choose GK as your integrator?

We developed GK Systems to enable us to be the one-stop, one call, one company to support all your recycling needs. In blending our history with our engineering expertise, we are able to incorporate cutting-edge technology into recycling systems. GK provides world-class support directly to the customer, removing any potential headaches and confusion caused by less responsive integrators. Having direct control of the project allows us to steer clear of common system integration pitfalls—ultimately, allowing us to provide the ROI our customers deserve. For decades, we have worked with many talented partners. Our 60 years in the industry have allowed us to create partnerships with the best equipment providers in the industry. At the end of the day, we believe we’ll provide a better overall system experience for our customers.

2. Why did GK make the decision to focus on system integration?

GK is well-known as a custom equipment manufacturer for a variety of material handling applications. In the past, we have worked with customers to develop unique solutions, provide engineering support and incorporate technology to enhance recycling processes. So, it made sense for GK to officially announce that we are doing system integrations. We’ve seen a gap in the markets we serve for companies to provide this level of support. We believe in the equipment we have in operation and know that we can provide a higher level of service to the recycling industry.

3. What differentiates GK from other system integrators?

Our customers rely on us to provide a high return on their investment. This continues to be our focus when integrating systems. System integrators rely on OEMs to provide the necessary equipment knowledge. We have extensive equipment knowledge and expertise in all areas of recycling across multiple applications. At our core, we are an engineering-based company; we understand the principles that make a great system. Bundling our core equipment knowledge with our engineering expertise into one service offering creates a winning combination for our customers.

4. How will GK apply its expertise to better serve the industry?

We have a team dedicated to the C&D industry. Their expertise covers everything from the design and build of equipment through plant operations. It’s because of this commitment to the industry that GK becoming a full-time system integrator makes sense. We are known across the globe for our innovative recycling equipment for sorting systems. Due to products like the Finger Screen 2.0 and the De-Stoner, we have become a leader in vibratory screening and classification technology. GK’s jam-resistant, dependable and high-capacity sorting solutions increase the profitability of recoverable commodities. Our recycling equipment is engineered to require less maintenance while maintaining a longer service life. The systems we create are designed so that each component seamlessly integrates to create a proven process that will maximize operator profits.

5. How does GK provide ongoing support for its customers?

The ongoing support of this equipment is something we take seriously, which is why we offer global support 24/7. GK is known for world-class support, and our dedicated project management team will ensure projects remain on time and on budget. We take great pride in the quality of our equipment and will continue working with the customer to keep our machines running at peak efficiency for the life of the system.