Genesis high-reach demolition tool

Superior, Wisconsin-based Genesis Attachments says its new GDT Razer demolition tool is designed for specialty, high-reach applications. Features include:

  • a lighter-weight design, the GDT 190 and GDT 290 are optimized to fit on standard 200- and 300-class excavators, respectively, as well as most high-reach demolition machines
  • a short, flat-top head with bolt-on bracket designed to make installation simple and make it easier to switch the tool between excavators
  • customizable tooth configurations to process a variety of materials
  • bolt-on teeth can be interchanged and reversed front to back for longer life and lower cost of operation and ownership
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Brokk remote-controlled demolition machine

Brokk Inc., Monroe, Washington, has released an updated model of its remote-controlled demolition machine featuring:

  • improved controls over previous models for smoother functionality in slewing and arm movements
  • a simplified method to integrate attachments, such as hydraulic rock drills, and an updated electrical system for improved reliability
  • ideal for light- and medium-duty demolition work in residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • can use a wide range of attachments, such as breakers, crushers, grapples, rock drills and shears
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West Salem Machinery shredder

West Salem Machinery (WSM), Salem, Oregon, has introduced its Biomass Super Shredder, designed to process a wide range of green feedstock. Features include:

  • specifically designed to deliver high-capacity and high-speed milling of green fiber at rates from 10 to 75 tons per hour
  • available in rotor diameters of 42 inches, 48 inches and 60 inches and rotor lengths from 36 inches to 88 inches long
  • modular and adjustable tooling with either rigid or swing hammers with replaceable inserts
  • large screen area with modular sizing screens to allow adjustment to product sizing
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UNTHA electric mobile shredder

The ‘XR mobil-e’ is new from Austria-based UNTHA and includes these features:

  • a mobile unit that can shred with a low-power electric drive
  • on-board auxiliary power pack allows it to be easily moved around a production facility and plugged back in
  • can process a variety of materials, including municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial, construction and demolition debris, wood waste and other bulky wastes, to produce a wide number of high-quality fuels for the waste-to-energy, cement, gasifier and biomass markets
  • supplied on tracks with an adjustable exit conveyor and ferrous magnet to ensure the extraction of metals
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