CDRA announces 2022 awards recipients

The Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA) has announced its 2022 awards recipients:

  • Dan Costello of Costello Dismantling Co. Inc. in West Wareham, Massachusetts, will be inducted into the C&D Hall of Fame at C&D World 2022.
  • Posillico Materials in Farmingdale, New York, has been named C&D Recycler of the Year.
  • Becky Caldwell of Caldwell Environmental Solutions, Nashville, Tennessee, has been named Member of the Year.

“All of the 2022 CDRA winners have helped move the C&D industry forward,” says Jason Haus, CEO of Dem-Con Cos. and CDRA president. “Thanks to their efforts, the C&D industry is better off.”

Costello recycles demolition debris and is innovative in finding ways to recover more materials from his company’s demolition projects, the association says. While this thinking is more common in the demolition industry today, the CDRA says Costello pioneered this approach. He served as a CDRA board member for many years and chaired a task force that put together the first specifications for construction and demolition (C&D) wood fuel. His company also owns crushing equipment to process rubble into recycled aggregate.

“Dan’s unique and environmentally conscience art of demolition and recycling are respected not only in the United States but worldwide,” Haus says.

Posillico Materials is being recognized for its long-time aggregate recycling operations and its use of a wash plant to turn what are considered contaminated materials into construction material end products. In addition to its wash plant, Posillico’s operations include five permanent concrete recycling operations that each have their own crushing systems and supply specification recycled aggregate for various markets and two hot-mix asphalt plants that use recycled asphalt pavement in their mixes as much as possible.

In the past year, Caldwell has rejuvenated and expanded CDRA’s Safety & Risk Management Committee, convening meetings to discuss safety issues and starting subgroups for human resource managers. She also has been an active member of the CDRA’s Environmental Justice Task Force, participated in several CDRA committees and attended all in-person CDRA meetings.

“Becky has made significant contributions to the CDRA during the past year, and I am very grateful for her leadership and work related to the Safety & Risk Management Committee,” Haus says.