June 3-5

2018 Summit for Recycling, Snowmass Village, Colorado, Colorado Association for Recycling, www.cafr.org/summit/index.php

June 5-7

Harbor’s 11th Annual Aluminum Summit, Chicago, Harbor Aluminum, www.harboraluminumsummit.com

June 7-9

European Demolition and Decontamination Annual Convention, Vienna, Austria, European Demolition Association, Decontamination Institute, www.europeandemolition.org/convention/eda2018

June 7-9

CARI 77th Annual Convention, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canadian Association of Recycling Industries, www.cari-acir.org/event

June 12-15

2018 ISRI Gulf Coast Summer Convention, New Orleans, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc., Gulf Coast Chapter, www.gulfisri.com/summer_convention.php

June 20

Arc: Sustainability Made Simple in Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri, U.S. Green Building Council—Central Plains, www.usgbc.org/event/arc-sustainability-made-simple-kansas-city

June 21-23

AIA Conference on Architecture 2018, New York City, American Institute of Architects, www.conferenceonarchitecture.com

June 26-28

Hillhead 2018, Buxton, Derbyshire, U.K., The QMJ Group Ltd., www.hillhead.com

Visit www.CDRecycler.com for a comprehensive list of events.