BTI’s MCP1000-IT pulverizer delivers maximum production processing oversized materials

Processing demolition debris is hard on equipment, so it’s important to have attachments that stand up to the challenge. Breaker Technology’s (BTI) Senior Regional Manager Tom Witt said the MCP1000-IT pulverizer for large materials is the perfect tool to ensure maximum production and little downtime.

“The MCP1000 reduces oversized material down to about 10-inch-minus,” says Witt. “It’s ideal for handling debris from big demolition projects, such as taking down a building or removing a bridge.”

During the Live Demolition event, operators were impressed with the pulverizer’s wide jaw, power and fast cycle times that power productivity for large-scale jobs. Although the MCP1000-IT is BTI’s largest hydraulic pulverizer, its power and speed are demonstrated across all the models in the MCP-IT line.

BTI builds the line with a tough and compact structure made of high-quality, wear-resistant materials. The mouth’s profile is reinforced for high resistance to wear as well as maximum material production.

Strategically placed teeth provide fast fragmentation and separation of rebar from concrete. A speed valve alternates power and speed, depending on load. The opening of the fixed body is designed to make unloading materials easier while maintaining the performance of the attachment.

“The MCP1000-IT is designed for 35- to 45-ton excavators, so it’s a fairly large unit that delivers more than 434,000 pounds of cylinder output force,” says Northwest Regional Manager Dean Hubble. “Like all of our MCP models, it offers fast cycle times and ease of maintenance for maximum uptime and production.”

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Spec breakdown

  • Fast cycle times with excellent release of demolished materials
  • Easily change teeth in the field using the mobile jaw plate
  • Strategically placed teeth provide fast fragmentation and separation of rebar
  • Seven models for carrier sizes ranging from 3,307 pounds to 176,370 pounds