Brokk demolition robots make an impression at the Live Demolition

Brokk had two locations set up at the Live Demolition event, and both proved quite popular with the attendees. The official booth boasted two of the larger Brokk demolition robots—the 5-ton B500 and the 3-ton B300, which are both equipped with solid body BHB hydraulic breakers. There was enough heavy-duty reinforced concrete on-site to keep interested participants happily busting away for the entire afternoon. According to the company, a common refrain of, “That was (expletive) awesome!” was heard more than once after participants were done operating the equipment—proof of the impact the robots had to those in attendance. Since Brokk robots are known for incredible power-to-weight ratios, it was eye-opening to many in attendance to see how favorably these compact demolition machines compare to traditional excavators that are several times larger.

Just across from this stand was a specially designed Brokk obstacle course featuring a diesel-powered Brokk 520D equipped with an excavating bucket, which afforded attendees the opportunity to try their hand at competing for the title of “Best Brokk Operator.” The circular course consisted of a concrete step to climb over, a trench to cross and a traffic cone to tip upright. Following that, the operator had to retrieve a ball from the top of another traffic cone and then carefully place it in a nearby bucket. That proved to be by far the toughest challenge and stymied many would-be champions. The winning time, posted by Ryan Morancy of EnviroVantage in Epping, New Hampshire, was an impressive 2 minutes, 8 seconds, and Brokk says they hope to see Ryan back next year in Austin to defend his title.

Spec breakdown Brokk 500 Demolition Robot

  • Machine weight: 5.2 metric tons, excluding attachment
  • Hydraulic breaker: BHB 705, weighing 1,500 pounds
  • Reach: 23 feet horizontal, 23-plus feet vertical
  • Electric power: 480V 3-Phase; 41 kW motor with SmartPower electrical system