Kobelco reaches new heights with specialty demolition machines

Kobelco has been building specialty high-reach demolition machines ranging from 3 tons to 350 tons for many years. Recently, Kobelco expanded its offerings in the North American market to include the SK350DLC-10, SK400DLC-10 and SK550DLC-10 Building Demolition models, which are available with three-piece demolition and high-reach fronts.

Each machine comes standard with a variety of features, such as a tilting demolition spec cab, rear and right-side cameras, and dust suppression. These units are also equipped with Kobelco’s exclusive NEXT Joint System, which allows for fast and easy change between the three-piece separate boom demolition front and the high-reach front.

Kobelco’s unique three-piece separate boom demolition front enables operators to utilize the demolition front in either a bent position (for close or underground work) or a straight position (for longer or higher reach work). Due to their robust design and increased weight, Kobelco demolition machines are capable of using the same size tools as standard conventional machines but provide greater reach and dexterity while keeping the operator a safe distance away from the structure being demolished.

At Demolition Rockies, Kobelco exhibited the SK350DLC-10 with the three-piece demolition front and an OilQuick coupler, which allows operators to quickly and safely change between a concrete cracker, hammer and grapple bucket from inside the cab. Equipped with the speed and simplicity of the OilQuick coupler, as well as the capabilities of the unique separate boom, this Kobelco machine delivers unmatched speed, safety and versatility.

Spec breakdown:

  • Factory-built demolition machines with high-reach capabilities up to 90 feet
  • Available with unique three-piece separate boom for better reach with large tools
  • Available in three Kobelco Building Demolition models: SK350DLC-10, SK400DLC-10, SK550DLC-10
  • Comes with full dealer support across North America and a 3-year/3,000-hour full machine warranty