McCloskey I44Rv3 mobile impact crusher

McCloskey International, Keene, Ontario, has introduced a new version of its I44R mobile impact crusher. Features include:

  • designed with direct drive, an enhanced material flow path, larger prescreen and a more open chassis than its predecessors
  • the main conveyor is 48 inches
  • a radial return conveyor is equipped with full-length dust suppression control
  • wider sectional components designed for an unrestricted flow without funneling or narrowing
  • 7-foot double deck prescreen made to remove fines, maximize the crusher’s productivity and deliver screened product via a straight chute to the 25-inch side conveyor
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Morbark 3400XT horizontal grinder

Morbark LLC, Winn, Michigan, recently introduced its 3400XT Wood Hog horizontal grinder. Features include:

  • designed for the forestry, biomass, recycling and tree care industries.
  • standard width of 8 feet 4 inches
  • designed to be within the legal transport width in any country, no matter what engine is used
  • can accommodate engines from 540 to 800 horsepower
  • longer infeed bed with sloped sides and an extended platform between the hood and the engine
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Cat 988K XE electric drive wheel loader

Caterpillar, Peoria, Illinois, has released its first wheel loader with a high efficiency electric drive system, the Cat 988K XE. Features include:

  • switched reluctance (SR) technology
  • recommended by Cat for job sites where fuel efficiency makes a difference in the machine’s total cost of operation
  • increases efficiency by 25 percent overall and by up to 49 percent in face-loading applications as compared to the 988K, Cat says
  • bucket capacities from 6.2 to 17 cubic yards
  • reaches 12.5 tons when working with face material and 16 tons with loose material
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Genesis GHB hydraulic breaker line

Genesis Attachments, Superior, Wisconsin, has announced its new line of hydraulic breakers, called GHB, designed for applications including demolition, general construction, road and bridge and utility. Features include:

  • available in a complete range of models from 250 to 12,000 foot-pound impact energy classes
  • designed with a power-to-weight ratio that can be adjusted to match the material being broken
  • dry-fire protection is manufactured to prevent the hammer from firing when the tool is not loaded
  • the hammer-mounted autolube system is triggered by the action of the GHB and has a cartridge that can be refilled or changed
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