SPO Networks Inc. to acquire 65-acre C&D landfill in Arkansas

SPO Networks Inc., Farmington, Arkansas, recently announced that it had entered into an agreement to purchase Red Line Contractors LLC for $4.1 million.

Red Line Contractors LLC, Springdale, Arkansas, is a general contracting, demolition and hauling services company that services Arkansas and its neighboring states.

On Aug. 3, SPO announced that it would be acquiring a 65-acre construction and demolition landfill around the Springdale region to complement the deal.

Tom Smith, founder of Red Line and CEO of SPO Networks Inc., says, “This will complement our hauling, asbestos remediation and demolition division. SPO will utilize this site from Kansas, northwest Arkansas, northeast Oklahoma and southern Missouri. It will service the regions covered by our recent acquisition of Red Line Contractors LLC.”

“This is a very nice 65-acre site that has used less than 3 aces under the supervision of the prior owners/operators who employed the services of a highly regulatory-responsible engineer. The consideration for the transaction is 100 percent stock of the company,” Smith concludes.