Cemco Turbo 54 VSI vertical crusher

Belen, New Mexico-based Cemco Inc.’s Turbo 54 VSI crusher is a vertical shaft impact crusher designed to process a variety of aggregate materials and industrial minerals. Features of the crusher include:

  • a mid-sized option designed to process 2-inch-wide materials
  • can be used for energy production and recycling
  • produces throughputs of 125 tons per hour
  • specifically designed for highly abrasive materials or can be equipped with a Shoe Table rotor and Rockshelf anvil for medium- to low-abrasion material
Visit www.cemcoturbo.com for more information.

Metso N Series NSP briquetting press

Helsinki, Finland-based Metso’s N Series NSP briquetting presses turn steel, aluminum, cast iron and other metals into a compact form for handling and transporting. Features include:

  • equipped with a constant feeding system and a programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • an operating system with a remote diagnosis option for support from the Metso service team
  • makes use of high specific pressures designed to enable the pressing of stable and solid briquettes and simultaneous fluid extraction
  • can be used independently or integrated into various processing plants regardless of size
Visit www.metso.com for more information.

EvoQuip Cobra 230 impact crusher

EvoQuip, a Terex brand headquartered in County Tyrone, Ireland, has launched a new addition to its impact crushing range, the Cobra 230 impact crusher. Features include:

  • each section becomes wider as material moves from the feeder through the impactor onto the product belt
  • designed with under crusher clearance, a short distance from the crusher discharge to the magnet and the ability to lower the product conveyor while running
  • a direct drive system powers the impact crusher
  • two independent hydraulically controlled aprons are designed for material throughput and size-reduction optimization and to improve fuel efficiency
Visit www.terex.com/evoquip for more information.

Vacuworx CM3 lifting system

The new CM 3 compact modular vacuum lifting system from Vacuworx, Tulsa, Oklahoma, is made for contractors who run compact equipment such as skid steers, track loaders, articulating wheel loaders and mini excavators. Features include:

  • modular design and lift capacity of up to 6,600 pounds depending on the pad or pads used
  • designed to be adaptable to a wide range of applications including concrete slab removal, road or trench plate placement and some pipe applications
  • adjustable spreader bar for double pads extends from 61 to 85 inches
  • flat and pipe pads are sold separately
Visit www.vacuworx.com for more information.