SCS Engineers provides support for brownfield site

SCS Engineers, based in Long Beach, California, was chosen to help SMPO ELS, Memphis, Tennessee, develop the westerly area of a 7.5-acre brownfield site in South San Francisco, California.

The initial development plan includes a 20,000-square-foot office building with associated parking and landscaping.

SCS Engineers will provide the engineering, planning, permitting, design, construction oversight and closeout services required to meet environmental regulatory requirements including working directly with regulatory agencies; assessing and resolving any environmental issues; and designing and engineering soil gas and groundwater protection and monitoring systems.

SCS Engineers prepared a site closure and postclosure/construction maintenance plan that outlined remedial measures to allow development in light of recognized environmental conditions. The development plans were prepared in accordance with the local land use and regulatory requirements and were approved by oversight agencies.

A portion of the site contains fill soils mixed with residual burn ash material. The burn ash material is overlain by clean soils. The property is also directly east of a closed municipal solid waste landfill.