The demolition industry is always changing. At Construction & Demolition Recycling (CDR) magazine, we take pride in helping chronicle these changes by reporting on the latest in economic, legislative and business trend news to give readers a real-time glimpse into this vital sector of the U.S. economy. With this in mind, we’ve developed the 2018 State of the Demolition Industry Report.

This report, which was compiled through a proprietary CDR survey of demolition professionals working throughout the United States, offers a snapshot of the realities, challenges and opportunities facing contractors today. This information has been supplemented by feedback gleaned from a closed-door State of the Industry roundtable discussion CDR conducted with a collection of industry leaders at the 2018 National Demolition Association (NDA) Conference in February.

Together, these initiatives paint the picture of an industry that is simultaneously being propelled by historic tailwinds and weighed down by some long-standing pain points.